Newspaper published at Toronto; established, 1844.
   Index: B Advocates responsible government, ix; its establishment, 9, 10; on elections in Upper Canada in 1844, 25; criticism of Draper, 27; on Toryism, 32; supports Elgin's attitude towards the Rebellion Losses Bill, 36; attacks the Clear Grits, 40, 41; upholds British system of responsible government, as superior to the American system, 42; gives credit to French-Canadians for supporting Reform cause, 43; attitude towards Roman Catholic questions, 44-46, 48; advocates secularization of Clergy Reserves, 55; on free schools, 62; first issued as a daily, Oct. 1, 1853; its earlier history, absorbs North American and Examiner, 1855, 74; its policy, 75; on the Quebec Rouges, 78-79; contains appeal on behalf of fugitive slaves, 112; and the "no popery" agitation, 121, 123; advocates uniform legislation for Upper and Lower Canada, 130; assails Separate School Bill, 145; Brown's pride in, 150, 247; effect of Brown's position in Macdonald ministry, 209; contains R. B. Sullivan's address on North-West Territories, 211; Brown's article on North-West, 1852, 213; letters of "Huron" on North-West, 215-216; advocates union of North-West with Canada, 217, 218; attacks Canada First party, 236, 237, 238, 239, 241; Peter Brown writes for, 243; edited by Gordon Brown, 244, 245; reveals George Brown's views, 248, 249; its support of Wilson, 250; attacks Mr. Justice Wilson, 250, 252, 253; the office of publication, 255; shooting of George Brown, 255-258. E Hostile at first to Clear Grits, 111; edited by George Brown, 111. BL Established by George Brown, Mar. 5, 1844, 223-224; its fighting policy, 224; attacks Metcalfe, 225; denounces the Grits, 342; outcry against Roman Catholicism, 343. Mc Justifies the Rebellion of 1837, 13; on Mackenzie's expulsions, 254; on Mackenzie's retirement from public life, 498; Mackenzie's obituary, 511; on Mackenzie's personality, 523. Md Founded by George Brown with his father, 52; on the Redistribution Bill, 275; on the elections of 1887, 282-283; supports commercial union, 295.
   Bib.: Wallis, Historical Sketch of Canadian Journalism in Canada: An Ency., vol. 5; Buckingham, George Brown and the Globe in Canada: An Ency., vol. 5; Mackenzie, Hon. George Brown.

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